Our Approach

Who we are

Advancement made in the field of artificial intelligence will deeply impact the value proposition from fintech products . We constantly strive to build capabilities leveraging AI for Institutional and Retail Investors for better transactions in the financial market.


Recognized as FinTech leader's of 21st century in building products that generates 10x experiences for Retail or Institutional Investors ,conducting transactions in the financial market.

Our Story


Leverage artificial intelligence to build smart FinTech products, constantly striving to create enhance value for Investors in the financial market.

Core Values

We strongly believe in 4 core values - that guide us each day to put the right step ahead

Agility - Adapting changes

Innovation - Out of box thinking

Quality- In what we build

Integrity -Doing the right things

Where we began

The journey of AmaazeApp started in 2018 as we gained immense interest in the field of machine learning - Deep Learning and the impact they create . Fascinated to see different use cases of AI resulting in path breaking software products .

We are reachable at [email protected]