Currently our main focus is on Research items to derive sustainable impact to different Use Cases across domains .

Our domain of interest span across Enterprise ,Finance & Health .

Below is a glimpse of our product Road Map

  • SMART Recruiter Hermes- The product will complement recruitment efforts towards hiring right candidates with desired soft competencies at the enterprise level. The product will evaluate candidates responses over given scenarios and share a consolidated report across dimensions like Planning , Decision Making , Conflict Resolution and Communication . Main Release Planned in June 2021
  • SMART Cloud Development Zeus - The product will be along line of Infrastructure as a Code (IAAC) service. Enabling developers at enterprise level to build out cloud resources using an intelligent cloud framework . It will standardize and reduce the overall cloud journey from conception till deployment. Planned Beta release in September 2021

As we move ahead in our journey we will share products across the different domains . Stay in touch !!